2017 Special Focus: Rethinking the Mediascape - The Future of Media and Communication

The established mediascape, and its mediums, has been a central point of debate within the recent political landscape. As one of the traditional roles of the media is to be a counterbalance to political or economic power, recent events, for many, mark an entry into a new and unsettling mediascape. In this mediascape we face a new set of realities:

  • Where content can legitimately be “post-truth"
  • An intensifying cult of personality in online communication
  • A fluidness between media, content, and medium
  • New kinds of commercial motivation directing the production and dissemination of content in the digital attention economy
  • The use of a digital network by shadowy private and state actors hiding behind anonymity

In this new context, what is the role of the media as a counterweight to political or economic power? Who, now, is “the media,” and what are the principles of this new mediascape?

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