Caja Thimm

Caja Thimm (PhD) holds a chair in ‘Media Studies and Intermediality’ at the University of Bonn, Germany. She has done extensive research on social communication on the web, e-learning and e-democracy and taught as a visiting scholar at UC Santa Barbara (USA), University of Cardiff (UK), and as a professeur invité at the Université de Bourgogne Dijon (France). She also served as a member of various political committees, such as the State Enquete Commission on “New Media and State Responsibility” and “Trust in Digital Media”.

Caja Thimm was head of the research program “Deliberation Online” (2010-2016) and is now coordinator and principal investigator of the collaborative research program on “Digital Society" (2017-2022). Her publications include: “Political Campaigning During the EU Elections 2014”, “Digital Public Sphere and Mini-Publics”, “Hate Speech as Destructive Online Culture”, and “Digital Society, Datafication and Online Participation.”