Mario Minichiello

Mario Minichiello completed his undergraduate at Leicester Polytechnic and as a postgraduate at Loughborough University, England. Minichiello is currently the Professor of Design and Human Behaviour for the School of Creative Industries at the University of Newcastle, NSW. He is also Director of the Hunter Creative Industries and Technology Institute (HCIT) and the International Research Network “SmartDesign.” He has over thirty years of experience in industry and academia including lead roles in the academy at Leicester DMU University, Birmingham City University, Loughborough University in the UK, and the University of Newcastle in NSW.

Minichiello has the rare distinction of working closely with Birmingham Children’s Hospital, a world leading teaching hospital, and with the Hunter Medical Research Institute, one of the foremost medical research centres in the world. His industry background includes working for the BBC, working for leading design agencies, and working as the political artist for the Guardian Newspaper, among many industry other roles. As both an original practitioner and disruptive thinker, Mario Minichiello also has many years of experience as a journal editor and as a chair of external research and teaching review teams in the UK and AU.