Lena Frischlich to Speak at the 2019 Conference on Communication & Media Studies

  • 2019-02-11

We are pleased to announce that Lena Frischlich will be speaking at the Fourth International Conference on Communication & Media Studies.

Lena Frischlich is leader of an interdisciplinary junior research group entitled “DemoRESILdigital: Democratic resilience in times of online-propaganda, fake news, fear and hate speech. Her research focuses on the staging and effects of online propaganda and communicative counter-strategies. She examines these topics by combining multiple-methods rooted in qualitative, quantitative, and computational communication research. She has been co-PI in several third-party projects including Propaganda 2.0, psychological effects of right-wing and Islamic extremist Internet propaganda, Videos against extremism: Counter-Narratives on Trial and Validation of the automated detection of social bots. Her work has been published in edited books, book chapters and the leading journals of the field.

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